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Educator, Writer, Puerto-Rican by way of NYC.

Latine representation in media has become so politicized that it’s guaranteed to cause division when a new film or TV project premiers. I don’t believe that calling out creators is avoidable. I think it’s par for the course at this point. Still, we should pay close attention to how Latinx/Latine representation affects our identity as individuals, Americans, and creators over time. A project doesn’t have to be perfect to make an impact.

I’m Puerto-Rican, but I wasn’t born on the Island. I was born in the West Village in New York City. I used to call myself a Nuyorican, but…


I finally watched Nomadland, the Best Picture winner at the 2021 Academy Awards, directed by Chloé Zhao, who also took the Oscar home for Best Director. I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t worth the $5.99 rental fee from Amazon. In fact, I was left so dissatisfied with Nomadland, a story that at first glance seems to be about the uncertain futures of aging Americans, that I immediately rented The Trial of the Chicago 7 to get the unorgasmic waste of two hours out of my mind.

We are introduced to Fern, played by Frances McDormand, who plays…

Can critics accept a film about the trials and tribulations of a Black relationship without politicizing it?

Malcolm and Marie isn’t for everyone, but those who love theater and well-directed, well-written, and brilliantly performed one location films are going to love every second of this tale that explores one couple’s complicated and dysfunctional relationship.

Malcolm (John David Washington) is a filmmaker, Marie (Zendaya) is his model girlfriend. Their race is always at the center of this film, as it should be. It’s their story, told through a very specific, relevant, and needed lens. I'm afraid I have to disagree with some critics who say this film is a modern version of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.” It…

“It’s only going to get worse.”

I’ve got the first Moderna dose in my arm. It should be a cause for celebration. In some ways, it feels like a relief to be halfway there. On the other hand, my experience makes me wary about our ability, as a nation, to get this vaccine in a majority of arms in the most effective way and get the spread of infection under control. I have little faith in us after what I saw, which makes me angry. Because on the flip side, I know of three people who received their first Covid-19…

I was one day old in 2021 when I discovered that the Piña Colada hails from my parent’s birthplace, Puerto Rico. Thanks to the Gentleman of Salsa (El Caballero de la Salsa) singer Gilberto Santa Rosa for mentioning this important fun fact on his recent YouTube Christmas Special, I went into a deep historical Google dive to find out more about this strained (colada) pineapple (piña) drink.

The most popular and basic version of the Piña Colada is made with pineapple, crushed ice, and cream of coconut or coconut milk, and light rum blended until smooth. …

Cancel culture.

Maga Hats.

800 square foot luxury apartments.

Teachers who can’t teach.

Toxic positivity.

Butt implants.

Lip implants.

Celebs who bragged about their wealth (especially during the pandemic).

Police brutality.

History books that were written prior to 2020.

Media who don’t call homegrown terrorists, terrorists.

The gentrification of cultural foods.

Racism disguised as religion or conservatism.

Sprite commercials that make no sense.

Arbitrary bi-racial couples in every commercial.

Supporters of incompetent leadership.

Competing chicken sandwiches, when we all know who the winner is.

Category 6 hurricanes.

Kevin Hart Ted Talks disguised as standup comedy.

Karens and Kyles.



I woke up from a good night’s sleep, logged into Twitter to read some news, and this exchange above is the first thing I read today. Whatever healing that took place in my brain and body last night as I recovered from teacher and coronavirus news fatigue has, in this one split second, reversed itself. This exchange sent me into a state of frustration, anger, and deep emotional pain for the 5000th time. I used to go into a fit of rage whenever I read a post like this, but I’m glad to report I’ve evolved. I‘m beyond tired of…

Remember that the only stereotype that you encounter is the one that came from a source that taught you how to hate

This week I had a realization, an aha moment, one that requires a hundred percent transparency.

I’ve been many people in my life; a dancer, an actor, a playwright, a novelist, a high school dropout, a keynote speaker, a Spanish speaker (only to lose the language later). I worked back-office operations at Merrill Lynch at 17 years old. At 23, I was promoted to supervisor of the Money Market customer service department at Shearson Lehman Brothers, supervising a department of 10 people. I had no degree, just a GED, and no prior supervisory experience. I found out I wasn’t ready…

A throwdown between Latinx Authors, the Publishers of American Dirt, and the Oprah Book Club turn into a heated and necessary debate on Apple TV.

On Friday, March 6th, Apple TV aired part one of Oprah’s Book Club featuring the controversial book club author, Jeanine Cummins. Cummins’s book, American Dirt, is the story of a mom and son who escape the violence at the hands of drug cartels in Mexico to seek asylum in the United States. The book has been ripped apart, practically spit upon, and adored all at the same time. It’s been called the modern-day Grapes of…

For me, TikTok is the most engaging social media app to come around in a long time. It’s a place where we can all hang loose and get away from the more pressing matters of the day. From creating or learning the new dance crazes; to hearing about someone’s divorce; to sending love to folks who are struggling with an illness; to mourning the loss of those who didn’t make it; to the kids who prank their parents viciously; and to the parents who prank their kids back, this app with over a billion and half users is the next…

Linda Nieves-Powell

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